Bitmain Gets Approval to Set Up Mining Operation in Washington State

Bitmain, a Chinese crypto mining giant, has just received official permission to set up its mining operation in Washington State.

The governing body of Walla Walla county unanimously approved the decision to offer Ant Creek, a Bitmain subsidiary, a lease of 10 acres of land with the option to purchase it at the end of 2018. Monthly payments for the space are reported to be approximately $4,700.

The Walla Walla county location was targeted for its exceedingly low electricity rates. While most of the residents agreed with the decision, many locals were not on board. During the hearings, some residents expressed concerns that the operation would use the area’s resources without creating any wealth for the community.

Regardless, when it came to making the final decision, Peter Swant, president of the commission said, “We are elected to do what the people would like us to do.” Out of the 60,000 residents, only 60 or 70 people were opposing the collaboration which made it difficult to vote in favor of the minority.”


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