Blockchain real estate investing startup receives additional funding ($28M)

Harbor, a blockchain tech startup, just raised $28 million in funding from a cohort of VC’s. The startups aims to build a blockchain-based platform that allows users to issue crypto-securities backed by real estate (as well as other real assets).

The round was led by Founders Fund and also included big names such as Pantera Capital, Andreesen Horowitz, Craft Ventures, Valor Equity Partners as well as others. This $28 million brings their total funding to over $40 million.

According to Harbor’s website, they are “powering the future of crypto-securities by building a decentralized compliance protocol that standardizes the way securities are issued and traded on blockchains.”

Read more about this creative startup here.

This isn’t the first time a real estate company is intertwined with crypto. Shahal Khan, a serial entrepreneur, danced around the idea of a $375 million ICO to buy a majority stake in NYC’s Plaza Hotel. The security token was going to be called the “Plaza Token” but the ICO later fell through.




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