CryptoMarket360 formally launches CM360 Live Reports and announced in April that they were joining forces to create a unified cryptocurrency curation platform that was slated to release multiple products to address market demands. Well, their aim to provide a 360-degree view of the world of Crypto that will help their subscribers have a much clearer picture is coming to fruition. They have received numerous responses from subscribers indicating this is a must have tool.

Since the merger, CM360 is seeing a rapid acceleration in subscriptions and open rates as a result of providing a comprehensive summary of a robust amount of news information. In addition to the early success they are seeing with the CM360 Brief, they’ve launched a daily podcast, and most recently, their CM360 Live Reports.

These reports are living documents, constantly being updated with KEY information a researcher would want to know about a specific asset. These reports are organized, curated in a way that will reduce the time it takes to determine vital information about a specific asset or project.

It includes the structure of the asset distribution, key players (positive and negative), key aspects of utility, any competitors, controversy, partnerships, ICOs (if applicable), and wallets/exchanges for the asset. CM360 also added a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) to the team who updates each report weekly with a proprietary technical analysis model which includes a behavioral economics factor.

According the the company’s CEO, Alan Percal:

“We believe that the power of curation paints a picture of what normally is not seen with information being unorganized and pulled from random sources,”

Going forward the team is committed to providing the most relevant news information daily. They have numerous social media presence to include a thriving community on Facebook; over 1,500 community members.



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