Market Update – April 16, 2018

Litecoin, steady around $110-130 range throughout rest of market surge

Litecoin has always been one of the more volatile coins. If another market surge happens with Litecoin continue to lack, we might see the once extremely popular coin to be left behind for good. Around 4 months ago, Litecoin peaked around $350. Today, at the time of writing, it is sitting at $126.71.

Coinbase purchases mobile Ethereum wallet 

The extremely popular cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase recently purchased Cipher Browser. Cipher Browser is a wallet for the Ethereum blockchain as well as a decentralized app browser  Neither side has disclosed the terms of the acquisition at the time of writing.

Hanoi bans the use of cryptocurrency as a medium for e-commerce

Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, is further cracking down on cryptocurrencies. “Bitcoin and other similar virtual currencies are not legal means of payment in Vietnam; The issuance, supply, use of Bitcoin and similar virtual currency is prohibited in Vietnam.” Check out the rest of the legal document here.

Famous Youtuber, Ian Balina falls victim to possible hack

Around 4 am this morning, Ian Balina reports a possible hack that occurred during his live steam. It has been reported that he has lost over 2 million worth of cryptocurrency. Some are speculating that this is a possible tax evasion scheme and completely made up. Regardless, having hacks and fraud like this associated with cryptocurrency is never a good sign for the space.  See a tweet from Mr. Balina below:


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