Roger Ver: I’ve Never Owned the @Bitcoin Account

Last weekend came out to hold some breaking news about a popular figure who is known within the crypto community as a Bitcoin angel, often called ‘Bitcoin Jesus’.

Let’s get in brief to know about him

Who is Roger Ver?

Back to 2006 and straight after jail for selling explosives via eBay, Roger Ver came to Japan and settled there. Five years later, he learned about Bitcoin, became interested in it and succeeded  to popularize the digital currency among the Japanese community and worldwide.

Roger Ver, the superstar of today’s crypto community, is known as one of the early investors in Bitcoin if he isn’t the first. At the very beginning of Bitcoin’s history, he invested a large amount of money in it. Very enthusiastic, he encouraged cryptocurrency-related projects envisioning a revolutionary future for the gold currency . At the time the coin was poorly trading at few cents.

August of the last year, more specifically after bitcoin fork, Roger Ver became a vociferous advocate for Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash is the hard fork of Bitcoin. Noteworthy, the reason of  Bitcoin Hard Fork is the disagreement on the scalability problem.

In line with proponents of Bitcoin Cash, Ver claimed that Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin.

Since the fork event, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash supporters have never ceased to accusate each other in a tug of war.

At it again, the debate has sparked last sunday following @Bitcoin suspension by Twitter.

@Bitcoin account carries the name of Bitcoin but the account’s owner is a proponent of BCH who daily tweets posts promoting Bitcoin Cash.

Where is Roger Ver in all this mess?

On this subject, Ver cried free speech in a tweet post. Thus, it has raised sarcastic reaction from the crypto community as a whole and BCH supporters in particular.

Roger Ver was soon skeptical for owning @Bitcoin even though he consistently denies that fact via twitter.

Roger Ver vs. Jack Dorsey

Also finger of suspicions was pointed at Jack Dorsey Twitter CEO  as he is known for his support to lightning network, the second layer to be built on top of Bitcoin blockchain.

But many believe that the account was suspended due to a massive number of complaints from Bitcoin supporters on twitter.

Up until now, Twitter has not made a public statement on the matter claiming that they do not comment on individual accounts.

@Bitcoin’s original owner, who is still unknown, got back his twitter account after being suspended temporarily.


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