Alan Percal: CEO of CryptoMarket360

Alan Percal is a credentialed actuary and WSOP champion. He spent his first three post-collegiate years working at a Fortune 100 company and has since developed an extensive background in entrepreneurship and tech startups. Alan stumbled into the crypto world early on and is now working hard to bring value to the next wave of digital asset adopters.

MarketBarker recently had the pleasure of speaking with Alan:

Tell us about your company

CryptoMarket360 is a content creation and news curation platform focused on making learning and research easy and accessible to every level of crypto enthusiast. We have a daily email newsletter covering absolutely all the news occurring in the crypto space, a daily podcast, and Crypto Live Reports which are B2C products that we just recently launched.


As CEO, what does your role entail?

I am mainly in charge of day to day operations, business development, and marketing.

Are you currently working on any other projects? If so, what are they?

I also run a website called PERC360 which is best described as the BuzzFeed of 360 word content. We try to capture all the news from current events to sports and entertainment and put the stories out in 360-word articles so you can get your info in just minutes of reading.


More about CryptoMarket360:





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